Providing Fully Customised Group Tours


Let history jump from the pages and into a permanent place in students’ memories through the experience of travel. Whether your focus of study is the American West, Ancient Rome, the World Wars or Indochina – a visit to a foreign country will cement your students’ understanding of events.


Modern History

Take a tour to Europe, the UK, or USA to learn about modern history. Explore France and Belgium to see the sights from WWI and WWII like the beaches of Normandy, the Flanders Region, and the Western Front. Also take a trip to Germany to see Berlin’s sights like the remnants of the Wall and the many museums in the city. Leave Berlin to tour the beautiful alpine countryside and explore places such as Neuschwanstein Castle. Take a trip to London to see it’s famous sights as well as the many prestigious museums that cover the city’s modern history. Fly to the United states and see historic cities like Boston, New York, and Philadelphia to learn about the American Revolution.



Ancient History

Come on a tour to see some of the ancient wonders of the world! Go to Greece to see the sights of Athens like the Acropolis and the Agora Ruins. Leave Athens to see the country’s Mediterranean beauty and other historical attractions such as Delphi. Take a tour to Italy and learn about the ancient civilisation that once walked the same streets. Explore cities like Rome, Pomeii, Florence, and Venice to historic sights. Another option is to travel to China to tour the Forbidden City, climb the Great Wall of China, and see the Terracotta Warriors. While in the country try the local food or embrace the local culture by taking a calligraphy or Kung Fu lesson.

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