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Language is naturally a large component of Horizon Group Travel because our tours travel all over the world. Some of the many languages that are often heard on tour are French, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and German. Language is important part of the tours because it a major part of the local culture and gives tour member the fullest experience.


French is a language that originates in France but is spoken around the world. Known as ‘the language of love’ French is known to be a eloquent sounding language. Within the country of origin of the language there is a million things to do and see. Visit historic sites like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, or even an old battlefield like the Beaches of Normandy. Or just sit down at a restaurant to have some delicious French Cuisine. Much closer to home, in New Caledonia, it is it’s own island of French destinations. In the capital city, Noumea, the cobblestone streets and European are a sight in themselves. The Island is also surrounded by bright blue oceans and reefs. While touring, it is possible to encounter people speaking French in countries like France, Canada, and New Caledonia. French is the national language of France, however 39% of French people speak English. In Canada, English and French are the national languages, however, only 21% of Canadians report that French is their mother tongue. New Caledonia is a French colony and the national language is French.

mandarinchineseMandarin Chinese

Mandarin is the traditional and official language of China. 70% of China speaks Mandarin and around 960 million people natively speak the language. China offers loads of sights that ranges from all parts of history. Explore historic Chinese sites like the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Warriors and the Forbidden City. Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai have some of the newest and most modern buildings in the world like the Shanghai World Financial Centre. Also explore some of China’s natural wonders with a trip to a panda refuge centre or a hike in the mountains of Guilin.Touring around the world, China is the only country that speaks Mandarin natively. However, some parts of China speak Cantonese and other dialects. Most northern and southwestern parts of China speak Mandarin.




Spanish is one of the most spoken languages globally with 500 million speakers and is originates from Spain. The language reaches all over the world from places like South America, Spain, and Africa. In country of origin of Spanish there is a plethora of sites to see and things to do. Some of the bigger and more popular cities around Spain are Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Malaga. The entire country is dotted with buildings and cathedrals made in the distinct Spanish architectural style like the Plaza de Espana and the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia. Spain is also know for its mouth-watering Tappas and Paella. Touring around, there are many places that you might experience the Spanish language. Almost all of central America and South America speak Spanish natively. Spain is the only country in Europe that speaks Spanish natively. Spanish is also very prevalent in many parts of the United States too.


Italian is the native language of Italy is spoken throughout Europe. There a 64 million Italian speakers of the language and a total of 85 million speakers worldwide. From the Colosseum in Rome to the Canals of Venice to the Beautiful blue waters in south; Italy has something for everyone. Other historic sites around Italy are the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pompeii and the Vatican. If you are looking for more natural sites tour Italy’s Tuscan country side, go skiing in the Alps, or relax on a beach in Sorrento. In addition to site seeing, the Italian cuisine is almost sure to make any person never want to leave. While touring in Europe, there are several countries that speak Italian throughout the area. Other countries that speak Italian natively besides Italy are Switzerland, Malta, and the official language of certain regions of Croatia and Slovenia.



Japanese is the official language of Japan and is spoken by 125 million people. The Japanese language was first recorded in existence in 3rd century and closest in family language group is Korean. Explore some of the biggest cities in Japan like Tokyo and Osaka to get a feel of a country constant motion. See sites like ornate Japanese temples like Kinaku-ji and Osaka Castle to learn about ancient Japan. Universal Studios Japan and Tokyo Disneysea are some of the newer attractions in Japan. In addition to these attractions, Japan has some of the best food in the world with it’s sushi and Kobe beef. When traveling to Japan, the entire country speaks Japanese almost exclusively, so there is not much language variation, but not many people speak any language besides Japanese.



German is a very common language around Europe and is spoken by around 95 million people globally. Germany is home to many great cities like Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. Learn about Germany’s modern history by visiting destinations like the Berlin Wall and various World War Two Museums. Explore some of Germany’s older history by seeing places like Neuschwanstein Castle and Brandenburg Gate.  When adventuring around Europe, there are many countries that speak German besides just Germany. Other countries that have German as their national language are Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and some parts of Belgium and Italy.


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