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In 1877, Princeton University documented an organised supporter cheer at a weekly football game, and Cheerleading was born! Cheerleading remained closely tied to American Football games as it developed into a competitive sport, and still enjoys its largest following in the USA. The country hosts various tournaments giving athletes exposure to world-class facilities and adjudication. Athletes have the chance to compete with teams from across the USA and the world. Make your mark on the Cheerleading world stage with an exciting tour to one of these locations.


Travel to sunny Palm Springs to compete in Duel in the Desert. Enjoy the attractions of Disneyland and Universal Studios, Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach.


Compete in the Hawaiian Athletic Championships or the Global Dance and Cheer Games. In your downtime, enjoy Waikiki Beach, hike Diamond Head, visit Pearl Harbour and experience the rich Polynesian culture of the islands.


Home to the World Championships as well as the Summit, also providing the chance to enjoy the theme parks of Orlando and beaches of Miami.


Compete in one of the premier cheer events the NDA, held in Dallas, and learn a little about the cowboy culture or explore one of the theme parks.

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